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O U R   S T O R Y

We opened Grandmother's House to provide a relaxed, memorable experience that encourage our guest to slow down; an atmosphere that says," Slow down and stay awhile." We are in business to serve, enjoy, and make each and every guest who enters feel special. When our guests leave, we want to know they have enjoyed the experience and will come back and bring others.  We are not a fast food restaurant! Our food is healthy and fresh and the quality is both excellent and consistent. Our menu is filled with made-from-scratch lunches, sandwiches, and superior desserts. We serve a plate lunch on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as well as a choice of sandwiches. Each Sunday we have a special menu for our Sunday lunch. All of the oil used in our fryers is zero trans-fat oil for the protection of your health. All vegetables served at Grandmother's House are fresh or frozen with the exception of the dry beans such as Pintos. We would never use canned vegetables. Desserts are all Homemade by Grandmother in our kitchen and are of the finest quality.

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